Plantable Seed Paper

Continuing the series on ways to celebrate Earth Day, here’s a fun craft that has a long lasting surprise: plantable seed paper! Use the paper first, then plant it for a green surprise for later… the perfect combination. This homemade paper makes a great gift for all your plant-loving friends! What You’ll Need: Screen or … Continue reading Plantable Seed Paper


4 Easy “Green” Cleaners to Use in Your Home

Happy Friday, y’all! I’m spending my morning outside soaking up the sunshine! Warmer weather (hopefully) means spring is coming soon. If you’re like me and ready to shove open those windows to let all the winter dust out, check out these homemade cleaners to spruce things up inside. These cleaners are CHEAP, effective, easy to make, … Continue reading 4 Easy “Green” Cleaners to Use in Your Home