Zero Waste Kit


If you’re interested in going zero waste, check out these common items below. You can save so much waste just from going reusable on common household paper products. By having these products on hand, you’re less likely to reach for disposable alternatives. Here’s your chance to avoid plastic and styrofoam forever, or at least eliminate a decent amount of your disposable consumption. Take control of your life and your waste by going reusable and taking the effort to avoid disposable single-use products. Check out the list below!


The items:

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Reusable Bags

Nervous about plastic? Check out my Skip the Bag article to learn more of the horrors. Reusable bags are great for produce, groceries, papers, and other miscellaneous items you’ll want to carry every day. By having these on hand, you’re drastically reducing your plastic waste!


Stainless Steel Straw

Straws contribute to so much waste. Think how many straws you’ve consumed and thrown away? Single use products such as straws last about a half hour only to spend years in a landfill. If you’re a diehard straw drinker, keep a reusable on hand or consider ditching the tube altogether.


Mason Jar

These work the best for on the go lunches! Check out How to Pack a Zero Waste Lunch for more info!


Cloth Napkin

These are the best alternative to paper! Stop using single use napkins and opt towards one that you can reuse over and over again in the wash. You’ll save yourself a lot of waste, and a lot of money. (learn how to go paperless in the kitchen here!)


Reusable cutlery

Step away from plastic cutlery and try bringing your own! Easy to clean, your own cutlery helps you avoid throwing away a plethora of plastic forks and knives. Even better, these are easy to carry and fit in every bag! Some even can fold down to become even smaller.


This list also includes hankies, microfiber cloth, and a lunch box. Are these worthy of the list? If you have any other items you use to eliminate your waste, make sure to comment below!



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