Go Paperless in the Kitchen

Your average 12 pack of paper towels can cost you anywhere from 10 to 16 dollars. If your going through these every two weeks, that adds an extra $400 or more to your grocery bill. While paper towels make up a large chunk of the budget, going paperless in the kitchen gives you the opportunity to save yourself a lot of money, but most importantly a lot of waste. As it turns out, paper towels are compostable, so toss your remaining used paper towels in the compost bin and move towards a paperless kitchen!

Start by utilizing what you already have by scrounging old towels to use as scrap rags. Rather than buying all new dishtowels for your new and improved paperless kitchen, consider scrapping your old towels and reusing them in the kitchen. This will not only save you a trip to the store, but rather save you a lot of money too. Simply take a pair of scissors and cut up what you already own, giving those old towels that live in the back of your closet a new function in your kitchen. Don’t have enough towels? Ask your friends if you can raid their linen closets. You might even convince them to go paperless as well.


Not into towels? Looking for fabrics with a thinner consistency to wipe down your counters or windows? Get creative with old t-shirts. These work great for spills and other cleanups, and odds are you have more than a couple hanging around your closet. Cut up your shirts to the desired size

Also looks for higher quality materials, such as Machine Washable sponges.

Check around on amazon for sponges that will last. Rather than using a sponge for a couple weeks and watching it disintegrate, consider investing in cleaning materials that can take more than a couple of rounds in the washing machine. While these may cost a couple dollars more than your 99 cent sponge, the quality should last you.

Other ways to go paperless include using cloth napkins, eliminating paper plates, and plastic utensils. Simple changes can eliminate loads of waste at a lower price for your wallet!

Have any ideas about going paperless in the kitchen? Comment below!



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