Pollinators in the Garden

Pollinators are our friends! Vital to plant life (and human life!), pollinators help give you one out of three bites of food. In fact, without pollinators, most plants would be unable to produce fruit, seeds, and flowers – important wildlife habitat and food sources. If you have an outdoor garden, pollinators can help your garden thrive. Here are some ways to attract pollinators such as bees and butterflies.


Pollinators thrive in sunny areas, especially butterflies. Make sure your garden is located in a sunny spot for optimal pollinator attraction. Soak up the sunshine!


Go Native

Bees love native plants, especially wildflowers. Consider planting wildflowers and other flowering foliage in your garden to provide bees with plenty of food and nectar.

Plant Milkweed

Milkweed is the monarch butterfly’s only source of food, and it’s declining fast. Revive this plant (and the butterfly’s habitat) by planting milkweed in your garden. Consider making your garden home to this fragrant plant, but most importantly to beautiful butterflies.


No Pesticides

You don’t want to keep butterflies and bees away! No need for bug repellant or harsh chemicals, as they poison pollinators and leave plants unpollinated. Try going chemicals and having an 100% organic garden!


Bright colors

If you’re looking to attract butterflies into your garden, consider planting bright flowers that are red, yellow, orange or pink. Butterflies prefer flowers that are flat for optimal pollination and food.

For bees, try planting blue, purple, and yellow flowers. The shallower the flower, the larger variety of bees will be attracted to it!


Flat surfaces

Cover your garden with flat rocks for butterflies to land on. While some may think of it as a “butterfly spa,” know that butterflies love to take a rest on warm sunny surfaces.


Do you have any tips to attracting butterflies and bees in your garden? Comment them below!


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