Skip the Bag: 5 reasons to go reusable

If you’re like me, then you hate grocery shopping with a burning passion. Everyone seems to walk a little slow, stand around a little too much, and crowd the aisles way more than I’d like. The minute I step into a grocery store, I’m a hangry mess of pissed off. I like food, but honestly if there was a way for me to never grocery shop again, I’d do it.


If you’re looking for another reason to hate grocery shopping, look no further than the plastic bag. This little sucker serves (at the most) 30 minutes of convenience from the cash register to the home, only to be hoarded in your pantry for the next two years and never be used again.

Still not on the reusable bandwagon? Check out these tips aimed at skipping the bag.


Plastic bags tear. Ever get an extra pointy box of cereal or other pokey items? They tear right through, sometimes even if you double bag. Why use an item that spends forever in a landfill when the quality sucks?

Opt for the nice, larger, STURDIER reusable bag. You’ll use it for more than just grocery shopping, as it doubles as a travel bag, beach bag, and just an overall “stuff” bag


If you go to the store every 2 weeks and get 10 bags of groceries, that’s 260 bags a year. Imagine how many bags are wasted just in your neighborhood, let alone the whole country. Don’t contribute to that amount of waste. Skip the bag.

  • Five reusable bags lasts you multiple years (at least until or if they break)


Did you know that it takes 12 million barrels of oil to produce the estimated 100 billion plastic bags Americans use each year? Even worse, the petroleum used to produce 14 plastic bags can drive a car one mile. That’s a lot of oil.


According to, “An estimated one million birds, 100,000 turtles, and countless other sea animals die each year from ingesting plastic. The animals confuse floating bags and plastic particles for edible sea life such as jellyfish and plankton. Once ingested, the plastic blocks the digestive tract and the animals starve to death. Other animals drown after becoming entangled in plastic waste.” It’s simple, don’t kill the animals.


Most facilities don’t even recycle plastic bags, so they’re destined to take up space in your house and in the landfill. Don’t use plastic you can’t recycle, especially if the plastic is just as crappy as that of a plastic bag.

Have you gone reusable?



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