Plantable Seed Paper

Continuing the series on ways to celebrate Earth Day, here’s a fun craft that has a long lasting surprise: plantable seed paper! Use the paper first, then plant it for a green surprise for later… the perfect combination. This homemade paper makes a great gift for all your plant-loving friends!


What You’ll Need:

Screen or mesh

Construction paper (blue or green if you want an “Earth Theme”)


Blender or food processor

Flower seeds


Dish towel

Cookie cutter


Rubber band (optional)

Heavy object (like a book) (optional)

  1. Cut up the blue and green construction paper into small scraps and put them in a bowl. Make sure the scraps are small enough

  2. Pour warm water over the small paper scraps

  3. Soak paper in the water until fragile.

  4. Put water and paper into your blender and blend until paper is liquified. You may need additional water for this part if paper is too dry and chunky. This should resemble a paper pulp

  5. Pour paper pulp out of the blender and stir in your flower seeds. Mix until seeds are evenly distributed among the mixture

  6. Cut your screen to fit over your coffee can. Strain the paper-seed- pulp over the can through the mesh. (Feel free to secure your screen to the can with tape or a large rubber band!)

  7. Place your cookie cutter on top of the screen. Spoon the pulp into the cutter, pressing down to drain as much water out as possible. You’ll really want the paper to drain at this part.

  8. Once drained, take your flattened pulp and put it on a towel to dry. (You may want to cover your paper with an additional towel and place a heavy object on top to prevent your paper from curling during the drying process.)

  9. Wait to dry, then enjoy your plantable seed pods for later!

What other crafts do you have in mind when it comes to celebrating Earth Day? Comment them below!



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