Climate Change Resources: EPA

The next climate change resource I’ll be discussing is the EPA website. Created in 1970 under the Nixon administration, EPA, or Environmental Protection Agency is a federal agency that aims to protect our environment and consequently, human health. To do so, EPA writes the human and environmental regulations for laws. With a central office in DC, EPA offices are spread all over the country, dividing our nation into 10 different regions. The agency is comprised of legal counsels, engineers, scientists, and other types of specialists.

EPA’s climate change portal gives us some great information about understanding climate change. In my opinion, one of their most useful links is their “Basic Information” link. This page digests climate change into easy to read paragraphs. It debunks the debate between “climate change” and “global warming,” discusses human caused intervention, and even talks about long term effects. Rather than throwing a bunch of facts at readers, EPA breaks down climate change in a manageable way.

Screen Shot 2017-04-10 at 10.13.37 AM

Another page from EPA that I find unique is their climate science page. This page gives you in depth descriptions of the earth-warming process while providing useful images. Helpful links allow a larger insight into more complex topics, including temperature and precipitation patterns, ocean temperatures, sea level, and acidity and shifts in ecosystem characteristics. Based on how much you want to know, this page allows you to go as little or as much in depth as you please.


The last page I find super important is the “What You Can Do About Climate Change” link. This page gives readers 25 ways to improve their lives with simple day to today tasks (kind of like what this website is all about!). These are divided into four categories: home, office, road, and school. Definitely check these out, and you may see a couple of examples in my upcoming blog posts!

Screen Shot 2017-04-10 at 10.19.54 AM.png

The EPA site has so much to offer and it’s really cool to see what our government is doing to halt the effects of climate change. Keep an eye on this site and feel free to click around. The more you read the better informed you’ll be about our planet!

Did you learn anything new on this website?



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