Climate Change Resources: NASA

In a world still filled with climate change deniers, it’s best to have ammo against those who still don’t believe in the detrimental effects happening to our planet. One of the best resources to check out is NASA’s climate change website — something that provides important climate change related facts, research and solutions. This page is a great “go-to” site related to everything about our planet. It’s a hub for important news,  facts, and even contains it’s own blog.  Familiarize yourself by clicking around on this site — I promise it won’t be a waste of time, and you’ll walk away having a better understanding of what’s going on here on Earth! Here are some important aspects of this site that everyone can gain from by just giving a click.

One of NASA’s most important pages regarding climate change is the Evidence Page. This page cites important facts as to WHY climate change is a legitimate things. Using information on this page is a great citation for those who still don’t believe climate exists. Some important information on this page includes warming ocean temperatures, glacial retreats, sea level rise, warming temperatures, and shrinking ice caps. Furthermore, this page provides a graph of the current rise of carbon dioxide, showing a significant increase.

Another important tab on NASA’s climate change site is the “solutions” to current climate change problems. These are divided into three categories: Mitigation and adaptation, Government Resources, and Energy Innovations. The “Government Resources” page shows ample examples of how the government related agencies, departments, and tools working towards researching current solutions for our planets. Some cool agencies to check out include NOAA, EPA, and the Personal Emissions Calculator.

One of my favorite parts about this site is the “Images of Change” page. These images provide a side by side photo slider that allows you to see a “curtain view” of climate impacts. These shocking images are obvious proof of climate change interacting and impacting our planet negatively. These images are a quick view of large, drastic, changes around different parts of the world.

Overall, there’s so many more aspects and traits about this site that are extremely helpful for any earth citizen to know. There are plenty of more research out there and it’s always great to keep an open mind, but I truly feel like NASA’s site is a great place to start!

What fact surprised you the most?



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