How to Host a Clothing Swap

With spring right around the corner, it’s time to empty your closets to bring in the latest spring fashion… right? Wrong! As it turns out, it’s not necessary to throw away old clothes to make way for new ones (that you’ll just throw away next season). While fast fashion industries prey off of new season shopping hauls, try gathering your friends and hosting a clothing swap to get rid of old clothes while getting new ones…. For free! By hosting a clothing swap, you’re not only able to gain new pieces, but you’re not harming the environment while doing so!

Check out these tips for hosting a clothing swap that will leave you and your friends with better closets AND away from clothing stores.

You’ll need to:

Invite as many people as possible

The more people you invite, the more clothes there’ll be to go around! If you’re lucky, you might create your whole new wardrobe from this clothing swap, so really try to recruit and have your friends recruit as many people as possible.

Utilize your space

You’ll want to gather in a space that’s big enough to go through everyone’s items. If you’re up for it, set up a clothes rack and hangers to hang items on. If not, just make sure there’s enough space to browse and spread things out for viewing.

Be specific about your items

If you’re gaining new clothes, you’ll want to make sure the ones you’re giving away are good quality too. Don’t just give away clothes that are worse for wear. Also, make sure to play fair — draw number to take turns or roll die to ensure everyone has the same amount of turns. After everyone gets a chance feel free to let the group browse at their leisure.

Cleanup the right way

While the goal should be to take pieces that you’ll know you’ll wear, bundle up the unwanted clothing and donate it or save it for the next swap. Make sure that all usable clothes aren’t thrown away!

As with any party, also make sure to provide snacks and music to keep the swapping morale high! If your swap is successful, encourage your friends to swap during other times of the year or in between seasons. Make this a bonding experience that will leave your friends eager to swap for next time!

Have you ever tried hosting your own clothing swap?



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