Quick Read: Upcycling Food Scraps

On Goldenrod, we talk about upcycling things we don’t need and reusing what we have whenever possible. (For example, check out the article on Uses for Used Coffee Grounds). While composting is always a great option for turning used food into fertilizer, what about recycling your food into something that can be regrown and continually used later? Based on this infographic from Whole Foods, check out some foods you can regrow after you’ve already used them!


Do you have any other ideas on foods that can be regrown? Comment below!



2 thoughts on “Quick Read: Upcycling Food Scraps

  1. loveandumami says:

    Great article! I planted green onion scraps in my garden last year and they are back this spring! It’s a pretty great deal when you pay less than a dollar for a bunch and they come back year after year.


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