Composting for Beginners

Hi guys! The purpose of this post is to “hash out” the logistics of composting  — how to compost, when to use compost, etc — especially for those who are unfamiliar to the composting process.


Why compost?

Compost helps to serve as a fertilizer, and creates nutrient rich soil for lawns and gardens. Ultimately, compost helps keep soil healthy while aiding in plant growth.

Composting is also a great way to eliminate waste in your kitchen. Rather than leaving table scraps to the trash can, put them in your compost bin to help offer a natural version of chemical fertilizers. By composting, you eliminate the amount of waste you’re responsible for in a landfill.

Foods you can compost

  • Fruits
  • Vegetables
  • Eggshells
  • Weeds
  • shrub/tree prunings
  • straw/hay
  • Pine needles
  • Coffee grounds and coffee filters
  • Flowers
  • Cardboard, paper, newspaper
  • Dryer lint
  • Tea bags
  • Used paper napkins

What You’ll Need:

  • A container: nothing too fancy. Remember, this is for decaying material, not anything fancy
  • “Brown” elements: torn newspaper, crunchy leaves, wood chips
  • “Green” elements: green leaf clippings, grass

  1. Place your bin in a sunny spot outside. You’ll want sunlight to make sure the bin is as warm as possible in order to break down the materials.
  2. Lay twigs/hay/sticks at the bottom of your bin to aid with drainage
  3. Layer damp and dry layers, Dry layers include leaves and plant material, while damp layers include food scraps.
  4. Cover your bin to aid in the decomposition process.


  • Make sure that your bin never becomes too dry. Leave it open to rain or water your bin on occasion.
  • Make sure to “turn” or “mix” your pile every week to air out the material. This also makes sure that the decay process is evenly distributed
  • Keep bin away from dogs. Also, if you’re worried about raccoons make sure your bin is securely covered

Have any other tips on composting? Comment them below!



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