Seeds to Start in March

March is almost over, which means that spring is on the way! Consider “marching” (bad pun… had to!) forward into warmer weather by jump-starting your own garden. Plan ahead by checking out some seedlings to start indoors this month so they’ll be ready to move outdoors come April and May!

Some plants to consider:

Brussel Sprouts


Start brussel sprouts indoors this month as early as you can. Brussel sprouts have a long season ranging, meaning that they’ll be ready to harvest in the fall. By starting these from seeds indoors, you kickstart the process in that they’ll be ready for the outside world come May.



The best way to grow peppers is by germinating the seeds on a wet paper towel, then transplant them into soil.

Start by folding the wet paper towel over enclosing the seeds. After, lay it flat inside a Ziplock bag.  When you seal the bag, make sure you leave at least an inch unsealed — you’ll want that precious oxygen to get inside to aid the germination process. Place the bag in a warm area of your kitchen. Make sure to keep the paper towel damp during germination! This process can take a couple day or a couple weeks.



Cucumbers are a great plant for areas with lots of sun! Germinate your seeds indoors next to a warm sunny window before planting them in a sunny spot outside. Stay away from cool drafts, cucumbers grow best in warmer environments. Ideally, cucumber seeds should be planted 1 inch deep in soil for optimal growth.



Let us grow lettuce! Lettuce is a fast grower, and works best when started in a large pot rather than small cups or pellets. Plant your seeds 4 weeks before you plan on transplanting it outside, giving the lettuce enough time to grow and mature.

What else are you growing this month? Comment below!


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