Uses for Used Coffee Grounds

I’ve never been much of a coffee drinker. I’m one of those people who’s already high-strung and naturally anxious, which therefore means caffeine probably isn’t my best friend. (If anything, I probably need the opposite of caffeine. What is that anyway? Herbal tea? Lavender oil? Wine? Somebody let me know.) If you’re also not a coffee drinker but want to recycle the benefits of used grounds, head over to your local shop and ask them for their used grounds. For those who can’t go a morning without the good ole cup of Joe, try recycling your grounds with some of these ideas below.

Uses for Used Coffee Grounds


Natural Bug Repellent

Keep the ants from marching in by sprinkling the used grounds around exterior doors and entrances.

Turn your Hydrangeas blue

Put your used grounds at the base of your hydrangea plant. The chemical makeup of the grounds will react with the soil and plant, turning the large blooms blue

Eliminate Odors

Coffee grounds can work just like baking soda by eliminating tough odors in the fridge or freezer. Stick your grounds in an open container and put them in the back of your refrigerator. Before you know it, nasty odors will be gone


Have a compost pile or bin? Coffee grounds can go right on in!

Skin Exfoliant

Slough away dead skin by mixing coffee grounds in your body wash. Works great for removing dead skin cells

Worms for Flower Beds

Turns out these little guys are attracted to the caffeine! Pour your grounds in your garden for nutrient-rich, wormy soil

Abrasive Cleaner

Use coffee grounds to help scrub away tough stains on pots, pans, and floors. The abrasive rough grounds help loosen hard to get stains.

Winter Salt replacement

Use coffee grounds to help melt ice off your icey sidewalk in the colder winter months. The acidity in the grounds and the coarse traction helps melt the ice without slipping around.

Paper Dye

If you’re into scrapbooking or other paper crafts, coffee can help paper appear aged when used as a dye. For added “aged” effect, try burning the edges of the paper.

Have other uses for coffee grounds besides your morning cup of caffeine? Comment them below!



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