Throwback Craft: The Pine Cone Birdfeeder

Feeling nostalgic? Desperate to do a craft that takes minimal supplies and effort but maximum frustration and mess? Look no further — I’m bringing back an elementary/scouting classic — the pine cone birdfeeder.


Did you know that February was National Bird Feeding Month? Me neither. To commemorate the holiday, it seems fitting to promote a special craft to feed our flying creatures (even if it is a month late).

If you’re like me, you think fondly of the time when you tried to smother everything but the pinecone in peanut butter and birdseed. You probably have even better memories if your pine cone was devoured by a squirrel or dog rather than an actual bird.

But guess what?! We’re older, wiser, and more dextrous to handle this task. Roll up your sleeves and be prepared to feed some animals! (and hopefully birds)

What you’ll need:

A pine cone

Peanut butter

A butter knife

Bird seed


Yarn or string or some sort of material to attach the pinecone to the tree



  1. Take your knife and spread the peanut butter to coat your entire pine cone. This might get messy, and you might end up with peanut butter everywhere!

  2. Roll your peanut buttered pinecone in a thin layer of birdseed over your plate. The peanut butter should help it stick, used as a glue to secure the birdseed!

  3. Finagle a string around your pinecone and hang on a tree or high location!

This is a great, simple craft that utilizes pinecones found in your backyard. Make multiple to attract even more birds! (or lets face it… squirrels)


What’s your favorite bird?


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