“Go Green” from your Couch!

Feeling lazy but still want to save the world and the environment? We know the feeling! Minimize your guilt —who says great change can’t be made from the comfort of our own couches?! Check out these green tips that can be accomplished in seconds. Small changes to daily habits add up to make a larger difference — so look below to see how you can make an impact!


  • Brush up on environmental facts, opinions, and research. Don’t just “share” articles related to environmental protection and sustainability on social media— make sure you’re reading the material. The more you know, the more habits you’ll be able to make and change in your everyday routine. Educate yourself!
  • Go paperless. Change your bills, magazines and newspapers to online subscriptions and e-statements. Paper and print production adds up, so take advantage of online resources. You’ll save yourself from the extra clutter, too!
  • Calculate your carbon footprint. Be aware of your own consumption by seeing what areas in your life you need to cutback on. You’ll be astounded by the amount of energy you use and the emissions your lifestyle emits.
  • Avoid Amazon, online shopping, and other forms of mindless consumerism when you’re bored. Do you really need another item shipped to your doorstep? Probably not. Follow the Hierarchy of Needs when it comes to buying something new!
  • Put on a sweatshirt or use a blanket when you’re cold. Avoid using unnecessary energy and don’t reach for the thermostat — the planet and your wallet will thank you.
  • Follow your local government and local news stations on social media. Be an informed citizen by keeping up to date on the changes in your area. Your social and political awareness is key to understanding environmental legislation on a local and national scale.
  • Fix the brightness on your TV display screens and settings. Select the standard settings while avoiding high brightness. Brighter displays use more energy and could end up racking up your electric bill.

Have other ideas? Comment them below to add them to the list!



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