Houseplants 101

In addition to growing your own herbs, houseplants can be great way to bring the outdoors inside, while brightening up a space. Houseplants provide great health benefits, such as reducing carbon dioxide levels, monitoring indoor humidity, and reducing stress. While they are a great option if you’re into switching up your home decor, choosing a houseplant can be difficult. Read on to find out which houseplant is best for your space.


Select your houseplant based on the amount of light you have in your space. Sunlight (or lack thereof) is crucial for your plant’s health. While some plants may thrive in direct sunlight, others may grow better in partial shade. Ultimately, the light your home receives should determine the plant you choose. Check out the infographic below to see more selections of plants!

Plants for areas with high sunlight:

Cacti and succulents


Zebra plant




Plants for areas with medium sunlight:

Asparagus fern


Spider plant


Boston fern


Plants for areas with low sunlight:

Snake plant

snake plant

Parlor palm


Arrowhead plant


Plant Health:

Improper care for houseplants could be detrimental to your plants health. Be on the lookout for inconsistent watering, cool drafts from winter or air conditioners, and insect/disease attack. Your plant’s appearance provides direct insight to it’s health, so be attuned to physical changes. Browning of leaf tips may indicate improper watering and exposure to cold drafts, while spotted foliage could be a sign of burning from direct sunlight. Make sure to read up on your plant to know what kind of care it needs!

Check out these resources for houseplant care:

Caring for Indoor Plants

Houseplant Care Guide

Common Houseplants


What kind of houseplant is right for you?



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