Planting my Windowsill Herbs

Hey guys!

A couple weeks ago, I started growing windowsill herbs (lavender, parsley, basil and cilantro) from seed! I was so excited to begin the process, but was also kind of nervous since my apartment windows face north and leave me with very little sunlight.

file_001I’m so excited to announce that it’s been about 3 and a half weeks, and my seedlings have really taken off! (They were at the point where they were growing out of their container and toppling over.) Because of their **excellent** progress — can you tell I’m a proud plant mama — I decided to graduate my seedlings from their life in the peat pellets to real containers with soil.


Small containers (I used pint-sized mason jars)

Potting soil (I used the seed-starter blend)

Small, Coarse Gravel

My rockstars (the seedlings)


To start, fill the bottom of your containers with a layer of gravel (about one inch thick). This will help with water drainage if your container doesn’t have any drainage holes (like mine!)




Spoon your soil into your container leaving just enough space to place your entire peat-pellet sprout inside. I fit about two peat pellets sprouts per container, but this will vary depending on the size of your container.

Once the sprouts are in the container (or jar), top with more soil to fill in the sides of the container, while sprinkling more soil near the top of the container to even it out. The nutrients from the potting soil will help your herbs grow and mature.

Water you plants, and place back by the window!


I’m so excited for these herb sprouts to mature so I can use them in the kitchen. I love fresh cilantro, so it will be so nice to be able to quick snip some off whenever I want!Even with no yard and little sun, you can still grow a little bit of greenery to spruce up your space (and your tastebuds!)


What’s your favorite herb?


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