10 Ways to Upcycle Tin Cans

Looking for a new way to turn your trash into treasure? Need a project for a rainy day? Look no further! Check out these cool projects that breathe new life into tin cans.

1. Rustic Tin Can Tealights

Cut and paint your cans and turn them into custom tea light holders. Great for indoors and outside — these holders will add a glow to any space!


2.  Birdfeeder

Spread some love to your winged friends outside by turning your can into their feast. Simply cut the can, then fill it with birdseed. Hang on a tree, and watch your yard attract birds!


3. Windchime

Collect a group of cans and decorate them before you tie them together in a homemade wind chime. Add some recycled spunk to your backyard with this one of a kind piece!


4. Citronella Candles

Create a bug-free patio but using recycled tin cans for citronella candles! Stay away from nasty bug spray chemicals by lighting these DIY soy candles instead.


5. Lamp Shade

Spice up your interior design skills by painting a tin can and using it as a lampshade. Works well for large coffee cans and paint buckets.


6. Planters

Let your old tin cans become a new home for small plants. Remember to cut holes in the bottom of the can or use small pebbles at the bottom to help with water drainage.


7. Surprise in a Can

Make the most out of birthdays and happy occasions by filling your old can with treats for a friend! Decorating the can makes the small gift extra special and festive.


8. Storage

Save old cans to store household items, like office supplies. Cans make the perfect home for pencils, pens, markers, and crayons.


9. Cake Stand

Show off your culinary masterpiece in style by attaching plates to a tin can.


10. Seasonal Decor

Using a tin can, make a Jack-O-Lantern luminary that will last even after the trick-or-treaters go home.


Do you have any new uses for tin cans?



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