Windowsill Herb Update — Week 1

I live in a teeny tiny north-facing apartment. While I have a balcony, my options for growing plants in partial shade are pretty limited. However, I wanted to take a stab at windowsill herb growing! Yes, it’s only February, but if monitored under the right environment, your herbs can still grow inside. (I wanted to get an early start so my plants would be more mature by the time warmer weather rolls around.)

Here’s my progress after one week!


Last Sunday, I purchased a “windowsill greenhouse,” which is basically a $2 plastic container and clear lid that houses 12 peat pellets (there are options with more pellets, but I just went with 12 to start small).

“What’s a peat pellet?” you might ask.


Peat Pellets are hard, compact discs made of peat moss. Once saturated with warm water, the pellets grow and expand into dirt and mesh vessels that you plant seeds in. Once the seeds have sprouted and matured a bit, you put the whole mesh pod into your pot. This is helpful for sprouts in that their roots remain undisturbed during planting! As the seedlings grow, their roots will eventually push through the netting and adapt to grow in the larger container.

In addition to my mini peat pellet greenhouse, I purchased 4 different packages of herb seeds.

After pouring water in the greenhouse cells to expand the peat pellets and following the directions on my seed packets, I planted my seeds.

I keep my “mini greenhouse” on our windowsill, which is right above our heater. While the window may be cool, the warm air makes sure my little seedlings don’t get too chilly. Make sure your pellets are well watered, and try not to take the greenhouse lid off until your plants have sprouted in order to ensure the plants stay warm!


So far, in only a week, my basil and lavender plants have sprouted.

More updates coming soon!

Have you ever tried growing your own herbs from seeds?



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